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Certifying Actuary and Interim Chief Actuary / CFO

            Our company provides Risk-Based Capital (RBC) sign-off services and works closely with certified actuaries to ensure accurate results. RBC is a framework used by insurance regulatory authorities to assess the financial strength of insurance companies and ensure that they have sufficient capital to support their operations and meet their financial obligations. Companies are required to calculate their RBC levels on a periodic basis, using a formula that takes into account the types and levels of risk they are exposed to. The RBC sign-off process involves reviewing and approving the RBC calculations prepared by the company.

            Our team of professionals has the expertise and experience necessary to provide comprehensive RBC sign-off services to our clients, working closely with certified actuaries to ensure that the RBC calculations (in liability reserve) are accurate and meet all regulatory requirements. Our goal is to help our clients demonstrate their financial strength and stability to regulatory authorities and other stakeholders as well as to recommend ways to enhance RBC results.

          Apart from being a certifying actuary for our clients, we can offer the senior staff to secondment as interim chief actuary (or head of pricing / valuation or CFO equivalent) to be either onsite or online in daily basis.




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