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IFRS9 / IFRS16 / Fair value and Due Diligence

IFRS9 / IFRS16 / Fair Value

           Our company provides valuation services of IFRS9, IFRS16, and also other financial valuation model such as fair value. We have an outstanding track records in complicate accounting standard which needs delicate financial model and valuation. Our team has strong expertise in calculation of expected credit loss (ECL) as well as other accounting items which need financial engineering and actuarial knowledge to handle.

Due Diligence

           Our company provides due diligence and appraisal value services for insurance companies. Due diligence is the process of thoroughly reviewing and analyzing a company or organization in order to make informed decisions about a potential transaction, investment, or other business matter. In the context of insurance, due diligence may involve reviewing the financial strength and stability of the company, as well as its products, operations, and compliance with regulations. Appraisal value refers to the estimated value of a company or organization, based on a variety of factors such as financial performance, market conditions, and other relevant considerations. Our team of professionals has the expertise and experience necessary to provide comprehensive due diligence and appraisal value services to insurance clients, helping them to make informed decisions about their business strategies and objectives. We also offer company storytelling services, which involve creating a compelling and cohesive narrative about a company's history, products, services, and values. This can help companies to effectively communicate their brand and values to stakeholders and differentiate themselves in the market.




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