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Our Services

Product Benchmarking &

Product Development / Pricing


-Innovation and creativity in product design
-Risk management in product design
-Pricing and profitability testing
-Facilitate and acquire regional approval
-Product implementation

Business Team

TFRS17 Consultant & Design

& System Implementation

- Prepare policy contract & premium certificate for OIC
- Sale illustration
- Provide a holistic solution to get product approval
- Faster and smoother approval process to launch product


Reinsurance / Risk Management

ERM / ORSA / Stress Test

- Assess and prepare for regulatory audit (Pre-OIC audit)
- Early Warning System (EWS)
- Enterprise Risk management (ERM)
- Reinsurance strategy


IBNR / RBC Signed off

(Certifying Actuary)

- IBNR and claim reserve valuation
- NPV and GPV valuation
- RBC and stress test
- Liability Adequacy Test (LAT)
- Other valuation monitoring and sign off

Credit Assessment_2

Due Diligence and

Appraisal Value

- Company business case and strategic plan
- Product survey and marketing analysis
- Mysterious shopping
- Communication and negotiation
- Appraisal value and M&A project


Employee Benefit Valuation (TAS19)

& TFRS 9 / TFRS 16

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